E-Storm: Replication-based State Management in Distributed Stream Processing Systems

The 46th International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP-2017)


Apache Storm is a fault-tolerant, distributed in-memory computation system for processing large volumes of high-velocity data in real-time. As an integral part of the fault-tolerance mechanism, Storm’s state management is achieved by a checkpointing framework, which commits states regularly and recovers lost states from the latest checkpoint. However, this method involves a remote data store for state preservation and access, resulting in significant overheads to the performance of error-free execution.

In this paper, we propose E-Storm, a replication-based state management system that actively maintains multiple state backups on different worker nodes. We build a prototype on top of Storm by extending it with monitoring and recovery modules to support inter-task state transfer whenever needed. The experiments carried out on synthetic and real-world streaming applications confirm that E-Storm outperforms the existing checkpointing method in terms of the resulting application performance, obtaining as much as 9.44 times throughput improvement while reducing the application latency down to 9.8%.